Welcome to the internet home site of the ICF Builders Network. We are a nationwide network of independent Businesses and Individuals with expertise in the ICF Industry working in concert to deliver full service support to persons and businesses with interest in the ICF Industry. We are a one stop independent resource in the ICF field.

Chartered in the year 2000, The ICF Builders Network addresses common problems in finding qualified, experienced professionals to build high performance ICF walls. ICF Builders Network members receive formal skills training in all aspects of ICF construction from planning to completion. Network Members are conscious of the need to maintain the highest standards of quality assurance and quality control on every project. You can take comfort in knowing that an ICF Builders Network Member has been armed with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right and get it done right the first time.

Communication, teamwork and on-site supervision of projects from beginning to end are the keys to our success and your satisfaction. All projects are carefully planned, scheduled and financially managed in order to complete each project on time and within budget. Our high standards of craftsmanship, combined with reliability and integrity, yield a continuous list of satisfied clients. Should a problem ever arise, our ICF Builders Network members have direct "real time" access to unmatched technical support from the experience and expertise of other members.

For the consumer we offer independent analysis and feedback to your thoughts and conclusions regarding the use, performance, product selection and expectations of ICF. We offer a fee based plan analysis that starts with feasibility of ICF for the particular building design, material and labor quantity takeoff with estimated material and labor costs. We provide independent analysis of existing problem ICF projects.

For the Professional, we provide experience and technical know-how to deliver hands-on ICF training and education seminars. We offer real condition on site training and experience. We are a known industry reference for knowledge and expertise in determining direction with project feasibility and implementation.

For the Manufacturer, and supplier to the ICF Industry, we offer a fee based consulting service to assist, analyze and develop new products for the ICF industry. Our consulting services are used by nearly every facet of the industry from molding the form systems, marketing and design to waterproofing and ancillary products used to enhance the use of ICF in nearly any type of application.

To anyone investigating or researching the ICF industry either for the use of ICF or to provide products that will improve the final product of an ICF structure, we offer a one-stop independent resource of information and expertise that is unmatched in the industry today.

For information about our fee based services contact ian@ICFResource.

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