Grand Cayman

ICF Builders, working with Limestone Construction Group Ltd in the Cayman Islands brings large scale ICF construction to Georgetown, Grand Cayman British West Indies and beyond. 

For those of you that are geographically challenged or never had the need to know much about the Cayman Islands or the Caribbean, you can read some great information about this group of islands here. The Cayman Islands are full of history, but unfortunately the recent history of the 2004 hurricane Ivan, is still on most people’s minds when it comes to building durable structures. These structures can not only withstand hurricane force winds and the associated nemesis that hurricanes create, but also the potential for earthquakes.

Our flagship project at the current time is the construction of “The village at Lakeside”, a project that consists of thirteen three story buildings and a clubhouse.  The owner of this development is NCB Development.  Visit the NCB web site for additional infofmation   

The buildings are roughly 5000 square feet per floor. We are using Formtech brand ICF for the 48” tall stemwall foundations that raise the ground floor slab elevation to seven feet above mean sea level.

Once the stemwall is backfilled and the slab placed, we are using Amvic brand ICF for the next three stories of walls with Hambro brand floor systems separating levels one and two and then separating levels two and three.

You will get to see many photographs of these buildings and of the international crew of ICF experts that put up the first five buildings in less than five months.

Each building has roughly 22,000 square feet of ICF wall and ten thousand square feet of Hambro floor systems.  The exterior finishes will be stucco and interior finishes will be sheetrock.

Our crew consists mainly of ICF experts from the U.S. and Canada that have a variety of ICF installation experience as well as a wealth of construction related knowledge and experience.  We put this team together to assist developers and contractors in integrating ICF into projects, not only in North America, but mainly beyond.  The real challenge for persons or developers that are interested in incorporating ICF in projects is the fear of the unknown and the “what will it truly cost me” factor.  We eliminate both of these issues by not only offering the installation, but training at the same time.  We are the experienced crew that can not only install walls, floors and roof systems with a flair for speed, quality and accuracy, but we can train your crew at the same time.   This crew was built for just this purpose…to travel, build and train when and where the builder/developer needs it.  The best training with ICF is not the weekend short course that is taught by most ICF manufacturers, nor the site visit by the manufacturer’s representative for a week to discuss how to install because neither one of these condensed methods give the local people a true hands on set of skills that they are apt to remember from that day forward.  The best way to train crews is to bring in experts that can train crews while accomplishing the construction, a win-win scenario for both parties.

We started our first ICF stemwall last September then commenced on the foundations of the first five buildings.  We started ICF stemwalls for buildings one through five in mid October and completed them in less than two weeks with a crew of seven men.  We commenced working on the above grade walls in mid November and prior to taking a “Holiday vacation”, we had completed buildings one through five stemwalls, building one complete, building two had the second floor walls poured, building three and four had first floor walls complete.  You should be able to follow our weekly updates from this point forward with a quick glance at the photos with captions.

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