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icf concrete home

ICF manufactured concrete home
still standing after hurricane Katrina.

Insulated Concrete Form Home

A solid Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) home can be multiple stories high and have many design features of a typical residential frame home with the added benifits of being energy efficient and disaster resistant.  The ICF walls incorporate framing, insulation, vapor barrier and shear resistance into one step.  The typical added cost of building a home with ICF in comparison to the typical wood frame residential construction practices in Central Texas is typically less than four dollars per square foot.  The added cost of building with insulating blocks and concrete typically has a payback (via savings to the homeowner in operating costs) of less than five years.  Many homeowners report that the “payback” is less than three years. 

ICF Concrete Home

ICF homes offer many benefits to the homeowner some of which we list here: 

  • ICF homes are energy efficient and typically save upwards of 50% of utility costs when complementary materials and methods are incorporated into the structure during construction.
  • ICF homes provide quiet indoor environments.
  • ICF homes are durable in that the structure is solid concrete, unaffected by many of the problems of common frame construction.
  • The insulation value of the EPS foam never deteriorates and is unaffected by moisture or settling.
  • The solid wall construction eliminates drafts and air leaks that attribute to dust and pollen buildup within the home.
  • ICF homes that incorporate proper heating and cooling systems offer clean air environments for the occupants.
  • ICF homes don’t incorporate cavity wall construction that can be conducive to moisture and mold buildup.
  • ICF homes don’t offer a “readymade” home for bugs and critters to live unlike wood frame walls.
  • ICF Homeowners repeatedly exclaim “We’ll never go back to wood after living in our ICF home” 
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