ICF Business OppertunityOur scheduled work flow and demand for our services has grown exponentially over the last 8 years here in Texas.  Originally, we worked wherever we could to keep busy and at least pay the bills.  Today, we have work scheduled for months ahead (this is the third year in a row for this).  In the past we set up multiple crews to handle the workload.  To my dismay (as a control freak), I was not satisfied with the quality nor output of these crews as well as the constant “babysitting phenomena” that accompanies some people.

We currently operate as one three-man crew, but have two other individuals that have been working with us almost full time to learn the technique so that they can start their own installation business.  We also offer to just about anyone that is interested the opportunity to work within our crew to learn about the installation of ICF.  For their hard work, we pay them a modest $100.00 per day and pick up expenses while working with the crew….mainly hotel and meals.  Through the training offer we have built up a large network of installers that we draw on for labor assistance in locations spanning the globe.

Influenced by many different forces, I have decided to “sell out” rather than grow big but would be interested in staying involved at a lesser degree than my current seven day a week, twelve hour day routine.  What we have for sale is most everything that is needed to continue operating the business, in short, the trailer (32’ fully enclosed gooseneck), Tools, Wall alignment, websites, and phone numbers.  No real estate, motor vehicles or office equipment to be included (although currently, one could lease a 4000sf building with four offices, a conference room and roughly 2800 sf of interior storage/shop plus yard space located just south of Dallas).  Additionally, I would work for the new owner to assist in the transition as a part of the sale.

The replacement value of tools and equipment is in the neighborhood of $75,000.00, The value of the media such as the websites has not been assessed, but I’m assessing $15,000.00.  The value of our reputation and knowledge within the industry cannot be assessed a value.  For a cost of  $150,000.00, one can conceivably be in the business with a full workload which means instant cash flow and grow upon our business foundation by adding additional crews and taking on much larger commercial projects than what I am typically willing to devote time to. Larger projects typically take more time to complete, which impacts on the many smaller builder customers that have been our  base.  These builders depend on our ability to react within short timeframe's).

Someone, or an organization with good business sense, solid capital and forward thinking personnel will move this organization to the next level in a short timeframe.

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Ian Giesler
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