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Ian GuislerICF Builders of Texas was founded in Chilton, Texas in 1996 by Ian Giesler. We offer sub-contracting, technical guidance, development assistance and training on all aspects that relate to manufacturing, marketing and utilizing insulating concrete forms (ICF) and associated products.

The benefits of advancing this construction technique are significant and immediate. The forms used with ICF create incredible energy efficiency since they remain part of the structure and provide immediate high-level insulation as part of the process. ICF structures are both hurricane and tornado resistant because of the construction density and the durability inherent in the construction process. ICF provides, in one step, the structure’s framing, insulation, vapor barrier, finish attachment and shear resistance which also eliminates the need to coordinate and manage multiple crews and tradesmen.

ICF Builders is known for our unsurpassed depth of knowledge of ICF techniques, professionalism, precision and pricing. Providing education for the general public, builders and contractors about the benefits and proper use of ICF has been critical to the successful use of this up-and-coming building method. Our training is provided at a minimal cost to those interested in moving this technique to the forefront of the construction industry. ICF Builders is an international resource to anyone, especially builders and contractors, wanting to learn more or better understand ICF.



Have Ian’s picture here Ian Giesler has been in the construction industry over 20 years since graduating with a Building Construction degree from Texas A&M University. His passion for construction and his experience living in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain spurred him to challenge the status quo and pursue extensive use of insulating concrete forms in residential, commercial and institutional construction.

Ian’s vision and an increasing movement toward green construction have propelled him to the forefront as a technical and site expert for ICF construction. Giesler has been instrumental in establishing several ICF manufacturing companies and their associated product companies.

Often referred to as the “Guru of ICF”, Ian has unmatched industry knowledge and expertise. He has experience with every facet of ICF from product development to construction and he has helped start several ICF production and marketing companies. Ian has contributed to the design of several advanced feature and ancillary ICF products presently on the market.

Giesler constructed the ICF walls for the first new American Home for the 1994 NAHB Show and has written for both “The ICF Monitor” and “ICF Builder.” Ian has also served on the board and been a member of the ICF Association since its inception.


Global Project Experience

ICF Builders has completed the construction of more than 1,000 projects in the United States, Caribbean, Middle East and Asia. The projects span commercial, residential and industrial buildings and a sample representation of the scope of our work is provided.


Our satisfied clients, both homeowners and contractors, are our references.

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