Aligning our company with ICF Builders Network has tremendously increased our credibility, market share, and overall profits in the ICF industry.

We are firm believers that long term sustained success in any given field can be correlated with initial investment in that given field. For almost a decade, although successful as a labor only carpentry contractor, we struggled with our ICF installations.  Inefficieny due mainly to inferior ICF products, impractical methods on site,  and enormous investments of time and energy to solicit work were a few of the hurdles which plagued us.

Since working with ICF Builders Network, we have expanded operations to include multistory commercial projects, custom homes in excess of 23,000 sq. ft. and suspended concrete floor installations.  Currently, our referral based, labor only company is booked for many months in advance, and has become "recession proof" through the ability to travel instalingl ICF's worldwide as necessary.

ICF Builders Network has proven that a "better mousetrap" is available for those willing to work hard, ask great questions, and be willing to initiate investment in an exploding, rewarding industry.  We look forward to expanding opportunities with ICF Builders Network in the future.

Kevin Schilthuis
Blue 80 Construction Co.

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