Abilene Air Traffic Control Tower

This is a group of photos of the Abilene FAA Air Traffic Control Tower Base Operations Building Being constructed by MW Builders of Texas and Kansas.

This project is a prototype for future FAA Base Operations buildings. This project used 1251 pieces of Reward wall 10" concrete core ICF Forms, 195 cubic yards of 4500 psi concrete and included a double mat of #5 reinforcing steel. The building design intent is to serve as a tornado saferoom for all workers. The walls are 17'-4" tall. The weld plates visible in the photos are 21" tall and are set flush to the concrete inside the ICF form. A steel I beam roof system will be attached to these plates and a 6" concrete slab will be placed on top. Window and door bucks were set inside the foam.

Windows and doors will be set in the center of the wall thickness. EIFS will be applied on an additional 1" foam board applied to the exterior of the walls. The slab for this project is 4" out of level which created many installation challenges in order to maintain tolerances for the roof system.

An extra two days were used to scribe the bottom course to match the slab deviations made an 8 day, 6 man crew project turn into a ten day project.

The exterior bottom of the ICF was outside the slab edge and was supported by attaching a rim of 2x4 set to grade. Interior side bottom was cut as much as 2" and shimmed as much as 2" to create a level base for the ICF walls.